8 must-try activities in Pattaya you should definitely join

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Pattaya is a famous coastal city for its vibrant daylife and nightlife. In this post, let’s go to discover 8 must-try activities in Pattaya you should definitely take part in in this beautiful city. Do not forget to put these must-try activities in Pattaya in your to-do list when you visit Pattaya.

  1. Visit famous places


Visiting the Sanctuary of Truth is one of 8 must-try activities in Pattaya

There are a number of famous places you can visit in this lively city including sacred temples, water parks, and art museums. If you are interested in playing at water parks, you should not miss Ramayana Water Park. If you are prone to the gathering, the walking street is the place for you. If you love contemporary art, you’d better visit the Sanctuary of Truth. Last but not least, if you want to travel the world in 80 minutes, Mini Siam is where you should go.

  1. Jetski in Pattaya beaches

Jet ski is also one of the must-try activities in Pattaya when visiting this vibrant city

Jet ski is also one of the must-try activities in Pattaya when visiting this vibrant city

Pattaya is well-known for many long beaches such as Pattaya Beach or Jomtien Beach. These beaches are perfect for jetski. Also, it is easy to find a place for jetskiing in these areas. Therefore, if you love speed and strong feelings, go for jetski.

  1. Snorkel in Pattaya

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Snorkeling in Pattaya and ẹnoying the beautiful marine life

With its coastal characteristics, Pattaya is close to ideal many places for snorkeling such as Koh Larn, Koh Phai, or Koh Sak. Therefore, if you are into the beauty of aquamarine, you should try snorkeling in Pattaya. This promises to bring you the best snorkeling experience ever.

  1. Enjoy the sunset and have dinner in seafront restaurants

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Enjoying the beautiful sunset in a seafront restaurant in Pattaya – one of the must-try activities in Pattaya

Pattaya looks at The Gulf of Thailand facing the west of the sea. As a result, Pattaya is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Moreover, there are many seafront restaurants such as PuPen Seafood Restaurant and Preecha Seafood Restaurant. These restaurants offer you not only fresh and tasty dinner but also amazing places for seeing the sunset. 

  1. Stay a night in Koh Larn

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Stunning breaking dawn in Koh Larn island

Koh Larn is a beautiful island located 9 kilometers from Pattaya. This charming island has many lovely beaches which is suitable for many activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing, and banana boat. Moreover, this island is the perfect place for seeing the sunrise, especially in Na Ban Pier area. You can try to spend a night in Koh Larn and enjoy the sunrise the next day. After that, you come back to Pattaya to meet the sunset. This promises to bring you a great experience of staying in 2 places within a day. Koh Larn is also famous for having fresh and tasty seafood as well.

  1. Squid fishing and enjoy the sea breeze on floating cafe

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Outdoor space of floating cafe for squid fishing

If you want to experience a different nightlife in Pattaya, you can choose to go squid fishing or a floating cafe. The trip starts at 4 PM and ends at 11 PM. You will be brought to a floating restaurant/cafe on the sea, which is about 1 kilometer from the coastal area. Here, you can enjoy the nightlife on the sea or try your good luck with squid fishing.

  1. Experience the real shooting at a shooting range

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Shooting the real gun is one of the must-try activities in Pattaya

If you are a fan of shooting and action movies, you can experience it in real life in Pattaya. There is a shooting range in Pattaya offering shooting range service. This allows you to try to fire a real gun. This activity will make your trip memorable for sure.

  1. Have fun in chilling bars

Beer Bars

Chilling local bars is one of the must-try activities in Pattaya you should not skip

Pattaya is famous for its vibrant nightlife with many crowded bars. It is a great experience to go to these bars, have some fun and drink while enjoying the wonderful music. You will have the unique memory that you only get in Pattaya.

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