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Covering an area of 46,400-sqm area in Pattaya, Mini Siam is the first miniature park in Thailand. Mini Siam offers you a trip around the world within some hours instead of days. Let’s go and find the answer to why we can travel the world in this place?

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An overview of the Mini Siam zone

Basic information about Mini Siam

  • Opening hours: 07:00 AM – 09: PM daily
  • Address: 387 Sukhumvit Rd, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150 (See map)
  • Ticket fee (updated 2021): 300 THB/ foreigner

                                                           200 THB/ foreigner with Work Permit

                                                           150 THB/ person for Thai people

There is no need to book the ticket in advance, you can walk in and buy tickets at the ticket counter.

What are the highlights of  Mini Siam?

Mini Siam is founded in 1985 as a research part in Pattaya. The whole area is divided into 2 main zones including Mini Siam and Mini Europe which are separated by a small man-made river. As a result, you can reach Mini Siam just a step across the river from Mini Europe. Additionally, all the art pieces and sculptures in this place are modeled after famous landmarks all over Thailand and the World. Therefore, upon entering the Mini Siam, you may feel like you are wandering around mini Thailand and a mini world.

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Christ The Redeemer in Brazil in Mini Siam

Crossing the entrance of Mini Siam, you will arrive at Eiffel Tower in French in the Mini Europe zone. After that, you can start the tour to many places from MerLion in Singapore, Tower Bridge in Eng land, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany to the Statue of Liberty in America. Mini Siam offers a board with the landmark name, country, and overview details about it for your information. As such, you may still have some knowledge about famous spots all over the world without visiting them in real life.


Eiffel Tower model in Mini Siam


Guess what? This is Abusimbel in Egypt

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Neuschwanstein Castle – the iconic landmark in Germany

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The icon of Australia – Opera House

Stepping over the man-made river in Mini Europe, you will enter Mini Siam as known as Mini Thailand. The area brings to your eyes an overview of many iconic spots in many provinces of Thailand including the Royal Temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun in Bangkok, the Bridge over the river Khwai in Kanchanaburi, and the Historical Park of Ayuttaya in Ayuttaya, etc. Visiting Mini Siam may enrich your knowledge about Thailand and its journey through many reigns such as Kingdoms of Lanna, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya to Rattanakosin (known as Bangkok).

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The miniature of Don Muang International Airport – Bangkok

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Victory Monument – Bangkok

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Wat Chang Lom – Sukhothai


The Royal Temple of Emerald Budda – Bangkok

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Democracy Monument – Bangkok

Tips when visiting Mini Siam

  • The ideal time to spend in Mini Siam is 1.5- 2 hours
  • Remember to take the discount If you are non-Thai and you hold a work permit
  • Take the Mini Siam map at the ticket counter and follow it to optimize your trip around the area
  • Bring your camera to capture your favorite miniatures in Mini Siam
  • Wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat as the weather is hot
  • Have your water handy to keep you hydrated.

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