PuPen Seafood Restaurant in Pattaya- A must-try restaurant by the sea

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Located by the sea on Jomtien beach road, Pupen Seafood Restaurant offers you a great view of the sea at reasonable prices. In this post, I will provide you with some details about this seafood restaurant.

  • Basic information about Pupen Seafood Restaurant
  • How to get to Pupen Seafood Restaurant?
  • What is Pupen Seafood Restaurant famous for?
  • Tips when visiting Pupen Seafood Restaurant
IMG 2421 scaled e1663603283982

The icon of Pupen Seafood Restaurant – The Giant blue crab

Basic information about Pupen Seafood Restaurant

  • Opening hour: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Address: 62 สุดหาดจอมเทียน Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250 (See map)
  • Price range: Start from 20 THB

How to get to Pupen Seafood Restaurant?

The best way to get to Pupen Seafood restaurant is by motorbike or car. The restaurant lies by the Jomtien Beach road. Also, It has a big blue crab statue in front of the restaurant. As a result, you can easily find this restaurant even though you can’t read the Thai language. The property has a big parking space for both cars and scooters, so is not a big deal.

IMG 2416 scaled e1663603303835

A parking corner for motorbikes at the restaurant

You can go to this restaurant by taxi or motorbike taxi as well. Just tell the driver the name of the restaurant, they will bring you there. Do check the distance before you go to make sure the driver offers you a reasonable price.

You can walk to this place if you stay close to the restaurant, too. Walking will let you enjoy the sea breeze. However, avoid walking during noontime or early afternoon as it is really hot during that time.

What is Pupen Seafood Restaurant famous for?

Pupen Seafood Restaurant offers a variety of food for you to choose from. You can choose from ordinary dishes like fried rice to specialties like lobsters. Overall, the food in this restaurant tastes good. One of the recommended dishes is fried rice with crab. Also, grilled squid is not a good choice, you should order steamed squid with lime instead. The seafood at Pupen Seafood Restaurant is really fresh. You can see them swimming in the tank when you enter the restaurant.

IMG 2454 scaled e1663603322402

Fried rice with crab – a must-try dish in the restaurant

IMG 2460 scaled e1663603347387

Steamed blue crabs – 370 THB for these two crabs

IMG 2457 scaled e1663603448533

Grilled squid – 220 THB

IMG 2473 scaled e1663603426236

You can order lobsters if you like

IMG 2468 scaled e1663603400757

Fresh shrimps are swimming in the tank

Besides fresh food, Pupen Restaurant is famous for its lovely panoramic view of the sea. You can enjoy your meal with the sea breeze running through your hair. All the stress and tiredness will disappear. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor space for your to suit your preference. In case you want to enjoy your dinner in the sunset, Pupen Seafood Restaurant is a perfect choice.

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Stunning sea view from Pupen seafood restaurant

Additionally, the service is quite fine. As we cannot speak the Thai language very well, the waiter seems a bit impatient with us. Furthermore, you may need to wait a bit long because the food is cooked after you order to keep its freshness and warmth. If you have a chance to visit Pattaya, do not forget to put this restaurant on your bucket list.

IMG 2450 scaled e1663603369436

Outdoor space in Pupen Seafood Restaurant

The best time to Pupen Seafood Restaurant

You can visit this restaurant any time from 10 AM to 10 PM to have memorable moments. However, going to this restaurant in the late afternoon will be a great choice to have a nice dinner and enjoy the spectacular sunset.

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