7 must-see beaches in Koh Larn

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Koh Larn is surrounded by the sea, so there are more than 13 beaches on this peaceful island. All the beaches are filled with white sand and crystal clear water which are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or any other water sports such as jetski, banana boats, parasailing, and diving. However, I would like to recommend 6 must-see beaches in Koh Larn which are popular for visitors and full of restaurants, shops, and activities.

All these six beaches are amazing with crystal clear water.

#Number1: Samae Beach

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This is according to me is the most beautiful beach in Koh Larn, it is not the biggest one, but it offers you a large space. I love to take photos on this beach. There are so many restaurants and places you can lie down and enjoy some coconut water.

Activities found here: Parasailing, jetski, swimming, coral diving, and banana boats

#Number2: Tawaen Beach

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Tawaen beach is the largest beach in Koh Larn. It is home to the second pier on this beautiful island – Tawaen Pier. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and vendors selling street food. Also, you can easily access Sangwan beach and Tonglang beach from this area. Up high from this beach is the place for parachuting where the Big Buddha statue is located.

Activities found here: Parasailing, parachuting, jetski, coral diving, swimming, banana boat, and shopping

#Number3: Nual Beach

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This is the third popular beach in Koh Larn which is a bit rockier in comparison with Tawaen and Samae beaches. Sometimes, you will see some funny monkeys around each end of the beach because there are hills in these areas. This is a perfect place for photo shooting because of tranquil scenes and nice swings.

Activities found here: Jetski, swimming, canoeing, banana boats

#Number4: Tien Beach

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Close to Samae beach, Tien beach seems to be a perfect place for diving and swimming. It seems to less touristic than other above-mentioned beaches. Also, this is a very peaceful beach for those who want to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

Activities found here: Thai Massage, jetski, banana boat, diving, canoeing, sunbathing, and swimming.

#Number5: TaYai Beach

img 4787

Tayai Beach is on the right side from Naban Pier which is a bit quiet. It can be accessed by scooters, motorbikes and adventurous cars as the route is quite small. There is a small bar serving food and drink on this beach.

Activities found here: photo shooting, swimming.

#Number6: Tonglang Beach

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Located next to Tawaen beach, Tonglang beach is accessible by crossing the bridge from Tawaen beach or taking a small short hike down the stair route. This beach is more tranquil than Tawaen beach and suitable for those who want to enjoy a cozy feel with friends. You can easily find regular services available on this beach at a cheaper price than at Tawaen beach. For example, jetski in Tawaen coast 800 THB/30mins, but it takes 600 THB/30min on the beach.

Activities found here: swimming, jetski, banana boat, and more.

#Number7: Sangwan Beach

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Sangwan beach is next to Tawaen beach. From Tawaen beach you can walk through a small bridge to reach this peaceful place. Sangwan beach is more tranquil in comparison with the vibrant Tawaen.

Activities found here: swimming, sunbathing.


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