How to get around Koh Larn

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Koh Larn is a small island, so getting around this place is easy. Below are some suggestions about transportation on this beautiful island.


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Motorbikes seem to be the most popular ways to travel around Koh Larn. You can rent a motorbike in your accommodation at the price of 300 THB/day with full petrol which is new and easy to ride. If your hotel doesn’t have motorbikes for rent, ask the reception or the owner for the place to get a motorbike at a cheap price.

Song Teow (Semi- taxis)


This type of taxi is easy to find at two piers in Koh Larn. It costs you about 50-100 THB or more depending on your distance. This kind of transportation is perfect for group travel because it can carry about 10 people at a time. Moreover, you can enjoy scenes along the way and merge with the fresh air on the island as it offers you an open view.

Motorbike taxis

There are a lot of motorbike taxis in Na Ban and Tawaen Piers. They offer the service for a beach tour or from the port to your accommodation. The price is around 400 THB/ beach tour or depending on the distance from the port to your property. Don’t forget to ask the price before you get in and, if you want, you can bargain to get the best offer.

Bring your own vehicles

Where to rent a Motorbike in Chiang Mai

If you are well prepared enough, you can bring your own vehicles such as electric bikes, motorbikes, or bicycles. But make sure that you negotiate with the ferry about bringing your own means of transportation and its price.

For me, renting a motorbike to get around is the best choice. You can flexibly stop anywhere you want. If you worry that you don’t know where the beaches and viewpoints are, Google Maps is there for you. It shows routes and places exactly without any effort.

Hope that you will find the most suitable way to travel in Koh Larn and don’t forget to share with me and others your interesting experience in the comment.

Have a nice trip!


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