Snorkeling in Pattaya – The best shallow water diving you don’t wanna miss

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Pattaya is one of the most coastal attractive cities in Thailand which is located about 100 kilometers from Bangkok. Pattaya is famous for such a vibrant nightlife that tourists draw to despite first-time visitors or local people. Apart from a party attraction during the night, Pattaya offers many other activities and must-visit places during the day life that can satisfy all traveling styles. Snorkeling in Pattaya is one of the activities that is preferred among both amateurs and veterans. With perfectly clear water, snorkeling in Pattaya promises to bring back a unique marine life experience that you’ve never had anywhere else.

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Beautiful marine life in islands near Pattaya

5 best places for a perfect snorkeling experience

To have the best snorkeling experience, travelers are advised to choose offshore places to have crystal clear water and avoid the noise of jet skis or boats, especially on the islands. Let’s look at 5 perfect places in Pattaya for the best snorkeling experience ever.

1. Koh Larn (Coral Island)

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Snorkeling in Koh Larn – Perfect activity to enjoy Koh Larn marine life

Located 9 kilometers from Bali Hai Pier, Koh Larn is known for its crystal clear water and a number of beautiful beaches which are ideal for shallow diving. All you need to do is relax and prepare yourself for the best marine experience ever.

How to get to Koh Larn from Pattaya:

  • By speed boat from Bali Hai Pier: 200 THB/ person with 15 mins of travel time
  • By ferry (slow boat) Bali Hai Pier:: 30 THB/ person with 40-45 mins of travel time

2. Koh Sak

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Koh Sak – Perfect place for snorkeling beginners – Internet

Koh Sak is an ideal snorkeling place for beginners. It is quite close to Koh Larn, and it is 10 kilometers from Pattaya. The island offers a perfect space for snorkeling with interesting marine life. Also, it’s easy to find traditional Thai food and drink on this island.

How to get to Koh Sak from Pattaya:

  • By speed boat from Bali Hai Pier: 1000 THB/ person with 30-35 mins of travel time

3. Koh Rin

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Enjoy amazing marine life in Koh Rin with snorkeling – Internet

Koh Rin is well-known for its various aquamarine life with multicolored fish. You still can enjoy the marine beauty without diving as the fish swims up the water surface. However, snorkeling guarantees you a much more eye-satisfied experience.

How to get to Koh Rin from Pattaya:

  • By speed boat from Bali Hai Pier with 30-35 mins of travel time.

4. Koh Phai (Bamboo Island)


Except for snorkeling, Koh Phai is an ideal place for scuba diving – Internet

Koh Phai is home to man-made coral reefs and a variety of crabs and pink clownfish. It is also famous for being a great place for scuba diving due to its aquamarine and its water depth. The visitor usually visits the place during the day because they are not allowed to stay overnight on this island.

How to get to Koh Phai from Pattaya:

  • By speed boat from Bali Hai Pier with about 2 hours of travel time

5. Koh Krok


If you are fancy of peaceful places to avoid the busy life of Pattaya, then Koh Krok is the place for you. The government has a special policy that does not allow jet ski in this area to keep it as natural as possible. As a result, Koh Krok offers a perfect place for snorkeling. Moreover, It is not easy to find a hotel on this island, but you can see some cafes here.

How to get to Koh Krok from Pattaya:

  • By speed boat from Bali Hai Pier: About 800 – 1000 THB per boat.

Tips for the best snorkeling experience in Pattaya

  • Always go further offshore to enjoy the most crystal water and the best marine life
  • It’s better to take a snorkeling day trio because the supplier will provide you with all needed types of equipment, boat trip, and a nice place for snorkeling
  • The best time to snorkel in Pattaya is from December to March and from July to August to avoid stormy and rainy seasons.
  • Always book your accommodation early to avoid being fully booked
  • Prepare yourself the suitable and comfortable clothes for diving
  • All trips can start from Bali Hai Pier, make sure you know where it is (See map)

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