13 must-try Thai street food in Bangkok

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Thailand is known as one of the food sanctuaries in the world. Whether you travel or live in Thailand, there are some must-try food that you should not miss. In this post, we will recommend you 13 must-try Thai street food in Bangkok.

  1. Som-tam (Papaya Salad)


Som-tam Thai – the most classic papaya salad- Internet

Som-tam is basically made of green papaya, spices, garlic, lime juice, and fish sauce, peanut. It has many varieties when Thai people add some more ingredients such as fresh crab, shrimp, fish, or blood cockle. This dish can be easily found on any street in Bangkok. It is recommended to try Som-tam Thai – the most basic papaya salad first before other varieties.

  1. Tom Yum Kung (Thai hot and sour shrimp soup)

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Tom Yum Kung – Thai famous shrimp soup – Internet

The main ingredients of Tom Yum Kung are stock, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and chili peppers which make the dish have a unique taste and good smell.

  1. Luk Chin Ping (Thai grilled meatball)

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Thai meatball is grilled on hot charcoal – Internet

It’s easy to find this food on the street. It is made by putting meatball into bamboo skewers and then grilled on hot charcoal. This dish is normally served with spicy-sweet dipping sauce.

  1. Ka-nom Buang (Thai Crispy Pancake)


Thai Crispy Pancake – Internet

Ka-nom Buang is made from flour which has coconut flavor and coconut topping without artificial colors. This dish is totally for those with a sweet tooth.

  1. Khao-niew Ma-muang/ Thurien (Sticky rice with mango/durian)

khao neow ma muang 2991

Khao-niew Ma-muang offers you a fatty and sweet flavor – Internet

Sticky rice with mango/durian is made of sticky rice, coconut cream, and mango or durian. The dish tastes really nice with a good smell from sticky rice, a fatty taste from coconut cream, and a sweet flavor from mango or durian.

  1. Kuay-tiew (Thai noodles)

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Classic Kuay-tiew in a pottery bowl

Kuay-tiew is a famous noodles soup in Thai which is made from stock, noodles mixed with other ingredients such as pork, beef, chicken, fish ball, pork liver, fresh vegetable, lime juice, chili, etc. Depending on each shop you can have different types of topping, but the taste of the soup remains the same.

  1. Thapthim-Krop (Thai red rubies dessert)


The red color of the dish makes its name – Internet

Thapthim-Krop is one of the best Thai desserts which is made from water chestnut and coconut meal and served with ice. In the heat of Bangkok, having a bowl of Thapthim-Krop will definitely cool you down.

  1. Ai-tim Kati (Coconut Ice-cream)

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Ai-tim Ka-ti with peanut topping

Another known Thai dessert is Coconut Ice-cream. This dish is made by putting 3-5 scoops of coconut ice-cream topped with peanut, jelly, corns, etc.. into a half coconut. It’s normally served with coconut juice to have the perfect taste.

  1. Pon-la-mai sod (fresh fruits)

It’s easy to find a vendor selling fruits on streets in Bangkok – Internet

Fresh fruits are really popular in Bangkok streets. They are made for being ready to eat. The popular fruits found are watermelon, mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, and melon.

  1. Moo Ping (Grilled pork skewer)

grilled pork bangkok

Delicious pork skewers sold in Bangkok streets – Internet

Moo ping is made by putting small pieces of pork with fat, which is well-seasoned with spices, into bamboo skewers. After that, they are grilled on a hot charcoal brazier. Moo ping is served with sticky rice and is a quick and favorite dish of Thai people.

  1. Pad Thai (Thai Fried Noodles)

prawn pad thai scaled

Delicious Pad Thai – Internet

Pad Thai is Thai traditional fried noodles made with eggs, red chili pepper, chopped tofu, shrimp, and bean sprouts. Fish sauce, tamarind sauces, and crushed peanut are seasoned to make the dish flavored. There are a lot of Pad Thai variants in which crab or squid and other proteins are added to provide more choices for diners.

  1. Cha Khiew, Cha Yen (Thai green/red milk tea)

cach lam tra sua thai 8

Cha Khiew – left, Cha Yen – right – Internet

Cha Khiew and  Cha Yen are made from strongly-brewed green and black tea. Then they are sweetened condensed milk or fresh milk and sugar. Cha Khiew and Cha Yen are usually served in a full-iced cup.

  1. Sai krok Issan (Thai sausage)

aabode blog thailand luk chin ping 9

Ready-to-eat Sai krok Issan – Internet

Sai krok Issan is made from rice and ground pork which has a sour and a bit salty taste. This dish is served with cabbage or lettuce and green chili. Thai people love to eat Sai krok Issan with sticky rice.

If you travel to Thailand or live there, don’t lose your chance to try these amazing street food. We bet that they will never disappoint you. Have a nice trip!

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