Do and Don’t things in Thailand

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Known as the country of smile, Thailand is a tourist-attractive destination due to its various temples, palaces, shopping malls, nice people, and floating markets, ect..

Thai people are friendly; however, there are some do and don’t things you need to know before traveling to avoid some problems.

On greeting, Thai people use the “wai” – an action of bringing 2 hands together like when you pray and light bow to the head – as a polite form. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you see someone greet you in that way, and don’t forget to “wai” them back.

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“Wai” is how Thai people greet each other – Internet


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  • Smile: This makes you friendlier in local people’s eyes.
  • Be polite: This is an expression of respecting others.
  • Speak quietly: A loud voice may make people think that you are angry at them.
  • Respect the Royal Family: Thai people really respect their King, so if you talk about the Royal Family, use a respectful tone, or it’s better not to mention anything about them.
  • Be particularly respectful to older people: In Thailand, people always show their respect to people who are older than them, so make sure that you show proper respect to older people as well.
  • Respect Buddhism: Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand. Whatever your region is, do respect Buddhism.
  • Remove shoes if you see shoes outside.
  • Make way for monks: As Thai people are mainly Buddhist; they always give high respect to monks. Make sure that you make way for monks if you are with them on the street or anywhere.


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  • Lose your temper in public or raise your voice: These make people cautious about you or think that you are angry with them.
  • Don’t strongly shut the car/taxi door: The drivers or passengers may think you are angry at them. Also, this is considered an impolite action.
  • Don’t pat children or touch anyone on the head: This is considered offensive as Thai people consider the head a sacred and cleanest part of their body.
  • Don’t touch monks, if you are female: As in Buddhism, monks are not allowed to touch or be close to ladies. Your touching is deemed as contrary to monks’ vow.
  • Don’t let tuk-tuk drivers or any strangers suggest to you the places to shop: Some bad people will bring you to the places you may get scammed if you shop there.
  • Don’t point at anyone with your index finger: This is considered as disrespectful action.

Below are some basic Thai sentences which may help you a bit in really basic communication with Thai people:

Hello/Goodbye: Sa was dee ka/krub (female/ male)

Thank you: Khob Khun ka/krup

Excuse me/ I’m sorry: Kor tod ka/ krub

Spicy/ No spicy: ped/ Mai ped

With the information above, I hope that you will have some more hints to have nice journals in Thailand. Enjoy!




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