Tuk tuk tips in Thailand

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Tuk-tuk is a popular colorful 3-wheel vehicle in Thailand. It is considered one of the convenient transportation when you travel alone or travel in a group. Also, it is one of the activities that you should try on traveling or living in Thailand. In this article, we will show you how to get the best tuk-tuk deals. Hope that it will help and make you enjoy the trip.

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  • Know exactly where you want to go

Remember to research your destination before taking a tuk-tuk to avoid price and distance scams. Some tuk-tuk drivers may lie to you about the distance and blow up the price. Using Google Maps or GPS is highly recommend to make sure you are on the right way.

  • Have an estimated price in your mind

Thailand is famous for reasonable prices for everything when you haggle, negotiating prices for a tuk-tuk is not an exception. Normally, the driver will ask you for a high price, don’t agree for the first time even though you found that the price is cheap. It’s better to calculate the distance and prepare yourself with some numbers. For example, 60-80 THB is fine for a less-than-2-kilometer trip and 80-100 THB is a good deal for a ride from 2-4 kilometers. Having a number in mind will help you a lot in bargaining the price

  • Spend some times to shop around

The tuk-tuk price may be various among the same ones in the area to create competition, so remember to shop around and ask the price from at least 3 drivers. You can simply start negotiating with them with your estimated price until you and they reach the price agreement somewhere that satisfies both you and them.

  • Don’t ask the tuk-tuk price in a group

The occupancy of a tuk-tuk is 4 adults, and sometimes it’s 6 if you are not so big. If you come and ask the price in a group, the tuk-tuk driver may charge you per person instead of per trip. For example, the price is 60 THB if you travel alone, but the driver may add up to 30 THB more per person when you first ask about the price for a group. Additionally, stay firm during your negotiation to get the best deals.

  • Haggling is needed, but keep being cool

Remember that the purpose of your negotiation is a reasonable price for your tuk-tuk trip, so bear in mind to being cool, smiling, and offering your preferred price but don’t go too low. Speaking loudly and frustrating are strictly avoided. In this way, you definitely get your deals.

  • Be careful of tuk-tuk scams

Even though you get your best deals, but the drivers may request you to pay more due to some common scams. You need to aware of it to avoid paying more.

– Tuk-tuk drivers asked you to pay more for petrol due to traffic jams. Stay still and just pay the original price. You can tip if you want.

– You got cheap deals, but the drivers bring you through many shops and force you to buy something. Definitely, don’t buy anything and request them to bring you to the correct destination.

– The drivers tell you that your destination is closed, and offer to bring you somewhere else. Don’t follow them if you don’t know what the places are.

With this information, we hope that you will have a good deal of tuk-tuk and have an amazing memory with this interesting means of transportation. Good luck!

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