Where to stay in Koh Chang for all types of travelers

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Known as the third biggest island in Thailand, Koh Chang is one of the favorite attractions for both local and foreign tourists who want to chill and enjoy the sea vibe. It is a mixture of beaches and tropical forests with a bit of road curve around the island, which will impress you at the first sight. In this post, we would like to share with you where to stay in Koh Chang for all types of travelers for you to pick suitable places to stay in Koh Chang.

 where to stay in Koh chang

Beautiful sunset on White Sand Beach

Most of the accommodations, bars, and restaurants are located in the west of the island because it is home to many beaches. As such, the west coast is a popular area among tourists and accommodates various hotel options. A small note is that Koh Chang beaches are occupied by resorts, bars, and restaurants, as such the entrance to the beach is quite small.

There are 5 popular places to stay in Koh Chang: White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach, and Salak Phet Bay. Each area will suit a specific traveler type and it will definitely leave you with a unique experience.

1. White Sand Beach – the most popular “where to stay in Koh Chang”

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Nice sunset in White Sand Beach

Located closest to the Koh Chang Pier, White Sand Beach offers picturesque settings and a long white sand beach as its name.

There are a lot of mid-range accommodations which embrace and occupied the beach. Despite the occupation of hotels and resorts, there is an entrance for travelers to enter this beach. However, the entrance is a bit small, you only can walk to it. Further to the back of the beach, there are a few affordable hotels for backpackers and budget- travelers.

White Sand Beach is also home to many beachfront bars, restaurants, shopping stores, supermarkets, and a vibrant night market along the street in this area. You can also easily find ATM right at your doorsteps

White Sand Beach will be the best match for family travelers as it offers many available services. This place is also a good choice for solo travelers, and couples travelers. Especially when you are a foodie traveler, White Sand Beach is perfect for you.

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Our favorite accommodation in this area is Chang Cliff Resort. This resort doesn’t have a connected beach, but it gives us the best sea view ever.

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Chang Cliff resort is our favorite in Koh Chang

2. Klong Prao Beach – a mid-range “where to stay in Koh Chang”

Located down the East coast of Koh Chang, Klong Prao Beach offers a wide range of three to four stars beachfront resorts for you to choose from. If you don’t mind a 5-10 minute walk from the beach, you can find many choices of lower-budget hotels in this area as well.

Klong Prao beach is a perfect match for family travelers as it offers comfortable hotels with high-end facilities.

From this area, you can easily approach the Klong Plu waterfall, which is located in the National Park of Koh Chang. The waterfall is loved by tourists due to its clear water in the base pool. There is nothing better than a swim after you cross 500 meters through the jungle to get to this place. The entrance fee for foreigners is 200 THB/ adult, and 100 THB/ child.

Nice long beaches, a quiet atmosphere, and beautiful nature are what you can find in this area. It is a good choice of location for family and mid-range travelers.

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3. Kai Bae Beach – A relaxing “where to stay in Koh Chang”

Located down to the east of Klong Prao beach, Kai Bae beach offers a cluster of resorts, hotels, and bungalows with a diversity of price ranges. It is easy to find bars, shops, and restaurants in this area which is a few-minute walk from your accommodation.

Kai Bae still can keep its locality and authenticity. It is a mixture of the developed White Sand Beach and the quiet Klong Prao. As such, if you are looking for a place offering you both relaxing and chilling atmosphere, you should not skip the Kai Bae Beach area on your list of where to stay in Koh Chang.

Kai Bae is not an ideal place for backpackers, it is most suitable for families and mid-range travelers.

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4. Lonely Beach – a matching “where to stay in Koh Chang” for backpackers

Located down the southwest coast of Koh Chang, the Lonely beach area is not really lonely as its name. This is a vibrant party area with many hotel options which is suitable for backpackers. It is easy to find a small bar or restaurant here.

If you are a solo traveler or backpacker, or you want to make new friends on your trip, Lonely beach is definitely your suitable place. A tip for a good night’s sleep in this area is to choose uphill accommodations or any place which is a 5-10 min walk to the beach.

Lonely beach is not a place for those who travel with kids or their families.

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5. Salak Phet – a “where to stay in Koh Chang” for the best local experience

Salak Phet is a southeastern area of Koh Chang, which is home to the Salak Phet local fishing village. This place is not really tourism developed with a few choices of guest houses and homestays. Also, many accommodations have been closed during and after Covid. If you don’t mind these factors, Salak Phet is a perfect place for you. Not only does it offer you a local experience, but it is also close to the famous mangrove walkway in Koh Chang for you to explore. Additionally, while staying in Salak Phet, you have a chance to try the greatest seafood in Koh Chang.

Salak Phet is a perfect match for those who would love to experience local island life, love seafood, and seek a relaxing place. One more thing to note is that this spot is far from the beach. the closest beach is the Long beach which is 10 kilometers from it. However, you can try other activities like a kayak in this area instead.

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