Get a Vaccine Passport in Thailand with 2 easy steps

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Currently, many countries have allowed entering for people with full doses of vaccine. If you want to go to these countries, a vaccine passport is needed. In this post, I will show you how to get a vaccine passport in Thailand with detailed information.

Address: 9 Sathon Tai, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

Fee: 50 THB for the passport. And 15 more THB if you want the plastic cover for your vaccine passport.

Estimated time: 30-45 minutes.

 vaccine passport sample

Many countries have opened their border, and a vaccine passport is required upon arrival in these countries

Making an appointment for a vaccine passport

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Instruction on how to make an appointment for a vaccine passport

As they do not allow walk-in, please make sure you make an appointment with them and get the confirmation as below:

1. Send an email to with the required documents.

2. Required documents:

  • Passport (Valid more than 6 months)
  • Vaccine certificate with complete vaccination data
  • Air tickets

You will receive the confirmation for the appointment date and time within 24 hours. The confirmation will provide you date and time of the appointment, the required document for the vaccine passport, and the address of the place

Process for taking vaccine passport on the appointment date

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Clear instruction on how to get a vaccine passport issued at the place

When your appointment date comes, you will go to the Service Unit for issuing Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate following the instruction below:

  1. Go to Bangrak Building at the address 9 Sathon Tai, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120. The building is at the beginning of Sathorn 9 Alley. Never trust the embed link in the email you receive as it will take you to the wrong place.
  2. When you arrive at the building, there is a small sign showing the way to the place for the vaccine passport.
  3. At the building entrance, you will have to queue and wait for the staff to check and give a small blue card before entering the building. They allow 5 people entering the building at a card scaled e1663602109253
    A blue card is offered at the entrance, you will give it back once you got the queue number
  4. When entering the building, you go to the lift and go up the 15th floor. There is a staff helping there as well.
  5. Upon arrival on floor 15th, you will see 2 checkpoints. You need to go the Checkpoint 2 to get the queue and wait inside checkpoint 2 until your number is called. They will call in the Thai language, but there is a big screen for you to see your queue and assigned counter.

    IMG 6084 scaled e1663602126446

    Checkpoint 2 is the place to wait for being called

  6. Once your number is called, you will go to Checkpoint 3 (next to checkpoint 2) at the assigned counter. There, the staff will check your certificate, passport and start issuing the vaccine passport for you. They will ask for your email to send a QR code to you as well.

    IMG 6085 scaled e1663602141670

    Checkpoint 3 is where you get the vaccine passport and make the payment for it

  7. Once done, they will ask you to double-check before going to the waiting area for payment. Payment: 50 THB for the vaccine passport and 15 THB more if you want the plastic cover. The total process takes me around 30-45 minutes.

At this point, if every information is correct. payment has been made, you can leave.

With these detailed guidelines, you may have yourself prepared to get the vaccine passport smoothly.

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