Where to stay in Koh Samet – 8 popular places to stay

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Where to stay in Koh Samet? This is probably a popular question after things to do in Koh Samet among those who want to travel to Koh Samet.

Located in the southeast of Thailand, Koh Samet is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Most of the beaches are on the island’s east side and are occupied by a resort. Some of the resorts are private (entrance allowed for service users only), and some of them are open. Each area has its own characteristics. In this post, we will provide details on where to stay in Koh Samet to find the best place your yourself.

where to stay in Koh Samet

Snorkeling in Koh Khang Khao – Koh Samet island trip

1. Ao Prao

Located in the west site of Koh Samet, Ao Prao is ideal place for who love the transquility and quietness. This area is less busy incomparision with the west of the island. Ao Prao is home to many luxury hotels with the price starting from 55 USD/room/ night. If you are family travelers, couple or high-budget travellers, Ao Prao is  the “where to stay in Koh Samet” that you are looking for.

Best match: Family travelers, High-budge travelers, Couple travelers

Pros: Quiet and Tranquil, Fewer travelers, Nice beach

Cons: A few accomodation options with a bit high price, Public Beach

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2. Ao Noi Na

Ao Noi Na is the North area of Koh Samet which is quite close to the Nadan Pier. This area is a bit busier than Ao Prao with many hotel options with various prices starting less than 1000 THB (~30 USD). It is easy to find a bar or a restaurant in this area. You can also find a white sandy beach in this area for swimming and other water sports.

Best match: Backpackers, couple travelers, family travelers

Pros: Close to the island center, Nice beach

Cons: A bit noisy as it is close to the pier, Public Beach

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3. Samet Island Center

This area is home to the Koh Samet Pier, many shops, restaurant, and services such as motorbike rental, laundry, etc… There are many hotel choices in this areas for you to choose. With a close distance to Sai Keaw Beach and many available services, Samet Island Center is a good choice for backpackers and couple travelers about where to stay in Koh Samet.

Best match: Backpackers, Couple travelers

Pros: Walking distance to the pier, Close to Sai Kaew Beach, Motorbike rental service near by

Cons: Noisy due to closure of the pier

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4. Sai Kaew Beach

where to stay in Koh Samet4

Sai Kaew Beach is a popular area among all kinds of travelers

This area is the busiest area in Koh Samet with plenty of accomodation choices starting from 2 stars. Many bars and restaurants are located in this area making it one of the most vibrant place in Koh Samet. The beach in this area is always busy as it is the favorite one for most of travelers on this island. Also this area is well-known for bustling bars ans restaurant with amazing fire performance at nice. With a variety of hotels, hostels and resort, Sai Kaew Beach are is a good match for all kinds of travelers who wants to find where to stay in Koh Samet.

Best match: Family travelers, Backpackers, Couples, Party Lovers

Pros: A lot of bars and restaurant, Long beautiful beach, Many available services

Cons: Crowded at the weekend, Public Beach

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5. Ao Phai

Ao Phai Area is located in the east coast of Koh Samet, at the same side with Sai Kaew Beach. However, this area is less busy. Dispite the small size of the beach, this area has many hotels, hostels, and resorts. It is home to many beach front bars and restaurants. If you don’t like the busy in Sai Kaew Beach, this nearby area could be a good choice.

Best match: Backpackers, Couple travelers, and Low-budget travelers, Party Lovers

Pros: Nice beach, Many bar and restaurant options, Motorbike rental service nearby

Cons: A few hotel options, Public beach

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6. Ao Cho and Ao Pudsa

IMG 3516

Ao Cho is a great place to feel thee sea vibe

These area are quite nice with medium price hotel options ( ~30 USD/night). They are located in the east coast which is less busy than Sai Kaew Beach area. As such, the atmosphere here is quite peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Dispite the quietness, there are some nice bars and restaurants on those areas, and beach massage is available here as well. Ao Cho and Ao Pudsa are loved by many foreign travellers.

If you want really quiet area, take the accomodation near Ao Nuan resort. It is like a hidden beach in the Ao Nuan jungle.

Best match: Medium-budget travelers, Family Travelers

Pros: Quiet and Tranquil

Cons: Public Beach, Far from the island center, No motorbike rental service

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7. Ao Wong Duan and Ao Sang Thian

where to stay in Koh Samet1 1

A floating path to the sea in Ao Wong Duan

Ao Wong Duan and Ao Sang Thian are home to many accommodations which are a bit far from the island center. Ao Wong Duan Beach – one of the longest beach in Koh Samet is located in this area. Dispite the variety of hotels, a few bars and restaurants can be found in this area. After Sai Kaew Beach, these areas are also busy at the weekend as well. There are several beachfront hotel in these areas for you to choose where to stay in Koh Samet.

Best match: Backpackers, Family traveler, Couples

Pros: Long beach, Various hotel options, Several bars and restaurants dispite the distance to Island center.

Cons: Far from island center, Public beach, No motorbike rental service

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8. Ao Wai, Ao Kiew, and Ao Pakarang

where to stay in Koh Samet3

A nice ocean view from Nimmadoradee Resort

These areas are in the southeast of Koh Samet which is far from the island center. They are occupied by 3 big resorts Samet Ville Resort ( 3.5 stars) , Paradee Resort ( 5 stars), and Nimmadoradee Resort ( 3.5 star). Samet Ville Resort accomodates the Ao Wai Beach, meanwhile, Paradee Resort occupies Ao Kiew Beach. These two beaches are private and allow resort service users only. Nimmadoradee Resort also have a small beach with full of dead coral and rock which is not suitable for swimming. We found a lot of sea worms here in the morning which looks a bit scary to us.

Each resort has its own restaurant and bar.

Due to the long distance from the island center and 2 private resorts, these areas are really quiet which is the perfect “where to stay in Koh Samet” for family travelers or couple travelers.

Best match: Family travelers, couple travelers

Pros: Quiet, Private beach for some, Perfect place for relaxing

Cons: Far from the island center, No restaurant and bar nearby, No Motorbike renting service nearby

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