Kanchanaburi 2 days 1 night on a floating house

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This is my first time in Kanchanaburi. Instead of staying at a luxury resort and visiting famous places such as Erawan National Park and Bridge Over the River Kwai, I and my friends spent one day visiting some famous cafes and one night on a floating house on Sinakharin lake created when Sinakharin Dam was built on River Kwai to prevent floods and supply water and electricity for the area’s residents.

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Decided to take the trip at a glance, we took a taxi from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi on Friday night. It took us 1.5 hours to reach Kanchanaburi city at West View Villa where we spent the rest of the night preparing for the next day’s trip.

Taxi: 1,500 THB for 6 people

Hotel: 2,300 THB for 3 rooms per night without breakfast

Day 1: Meena café  > The Curve > Keeree Mantra Restaurant > The Village Farm to Café > Float House

Meena café is a café merging with nature. You can see the different types of trees everywhere. The café offers various corners for nice photoshoots. As we also took this chance for my friends to have their pre-wedding photos, Meena café is definitely a place for us. Additionally, food and drinks are offered at a reasonable price starting from 50 THB.

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After Meena café, we stopped at The Curve, a nice café on a hill looking at Kwai River. The café was decorated in a yellow tone which makes your photos brightening. Don’t forget to try their signature drink – Fresh milk with date, you will never regret to take my suggestion.

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Then we went to Keeree Mantra restaurant for lunch. This place is known as the most beautiful restaurant in Kanchanaburi at which you can enjoy green space in the hot weather of Thailand. The food and drinks taste so good, more importantly, the price is cheap.

Lunch: 1715 THB/ 7 people

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Next to Keeree Mantra stands The Village Farm to Café – an organic coffee shop, we did not drink anything here. As the café offers free bicycle riding in the bamboo forest, so we stopped by and took some photos for my friends.

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Our destination for the first day is a Floating house in Sinakharin lake – a far away area that we also did not imagine, but anyway we enjoy it.

It’s a long drive from Keeree Mantra restaurant to the lake. We got through more than 85 km uphill and downhill, then around the mountain. It’s a bit scary but our destination is worth it. We arrived at the floating house around 7 PM.

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The floating house only offers shared beds rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, speakers, chairs and tables, a BBQ stove, and other basic facilities, so you need to prepare foods and other stuff. It’s better to check out some tips before you go. Basing on the number of people you have, you can book a basic floating house or a 2-floors float house. Remember the sooner the better. We had 6 people and we booked quite last minutes, so we got a basic floating house with 2 shared bedrooms, 1 kitchen, and 2 bathrooms, as well as the above-mentioned stuff, which is quite fine but not the best.

We had a BBQ dinner at 9 PM, listened to music and chitchat. Our first day ended here. Because the electricity is supplied by an electricity generator, you may not sleep well during the night. However, to have a good night, it’s better to turn the machine off if you did not use electricity while sleeping.

Price: 5,500 THB/house for a maximum of 15 pax

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Day 2: Water surfing and swimming > Library coffee > Bangkok.

In the morning, the host came and took us to lake sightseeing. We sat on a board and a boat drew the board around the lake. It’s really fun. During the trip, we had a chance to enjoy the charming scenes along the banks. The music on the boat was one of the factors that I might never forget.

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After sightseeing, we came back to our house, did some water playing and swimming . You can ask the host to prepare you some kayaks to rowing around the areas.

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We get back to the bank around 1 PM, our taxi took us back around 1:30 PM. On the way back, we stopped at Library coffee to have a late lunch. This shop is a mixture of a café and a restaurant. It offers the best pizza I have ever eaten. Don’t miss out if you also stop by this place when you visit Kanchanaburi.

We arrived in Bangkok around 8 PM. We did enjoy the charming scenery along the way back to Bangkok.

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If you are interested in discovering nature, you can take a van or a train to Kanchanaburi. Then, you can rent a motorbike in your hotel and discover tourist places around the city area. If you want to have a trip like us, I highly recommend you to drive your own car or have your private driver. And the best time to move from the city center to Sinakharin lake is before 2 PM, so you can arrive at the lake in the afternoon to join in more activities like swimming or kayaking.

Hope that this information will provide you some idea for your trip to Kanchanaburi.

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